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‘Time’ by Lucy O’Brien



In this time of quarantine

I think of the bright sunny days

when we would sit at your kitchen table

stacked full of bakewells, scones, and key lime pie.


There was no rush to return to reality.

Your clock had lost its tick.

When you held your favourite mug up to your mouth

the steam turned your cheeks a rosy-red.


You never liked to talk about politics,

or comment on the forecast of the day.

Instead, you would share with me a riddle:

What is it that costs nothing, but is worth everything?


You would ask me if I wanted a ‘round two’,

your voice fading into the background

as I tried to make sense of what I have discovered,

your nail polish seems to be chipped.


The kettle comes to a boil

and you smile that smile, the one that radiates for miles.

I stop, fix my eyes, two feet on the floor, body still-

I want to savour this moment.


Lucy O’Brien

Short Bio

Lucy O’Brien is a second year Humanities student at Carlow College, St Patrick’s. She has enjoyed ‘The Virtues of Poetry’ and is a student of Creative Writing. She likes the paintings of Edward Hopper.


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