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‘The Day of No Hugs’ by Celia Murphy


The Day of No Hugs

In this time when the flowers blossom,

when the daffodils smile,

I look at you through glass.

I see your face, it says so much.

I wish for you that I could touch,

reach out and hold your little hands.

But today I can’t,

even though the birds are singing,

even though the trees are swaying.

Clouds race across the big blue sky,

as if they know that today is Mother’s Day,

and they rush into the arms of those they love.

To share your love

means so much,

to see your smile

and my heart flutters.

I can feel a tear in my eye

as I cannot hug you, or give you a kiss.

I will blow you one,

to keep in your heart.

Please keep it safe until we can

feel our touch and hugs again.

With my love to you, always.


Celia Murphy

Short Bio

Celia Murphy has had a lifelong interest in the arts. She has studied English, Creative Writing, and Advanced Poetry part-time at Carlow College/St Patrick’s. She is a member of The Writers’ Room at Carlow College/St Patrick’s too. Her passions in life is writing and travelling. Italy is a favourite of hers. She loves spending time with family and eating nice food together. Celia lives in Hacketstown, Carlow, surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, where she can often be found on a Sunday trek.


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