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‘Quarantine Dine’ by Saoirse Behan


Quarantine Dine

In this time of quarantine
all we know is ambivalence and doubt,
disoriented, with little to do but make way
to the kitchen for essential consolation.

We bake banana bread and whip up coffee,
chicken soup for our locked down souls.
In this time of quarantine mornings mean
a grease popping pan, thick chunks

of bread marinated in egg, sizzling away
while the tea bags stew. Days of the week
wander lost, unsure of where they are,
and what was a Friday – Mexican night –

could be a Tuesday, if today is a Tuesday,
with enchiladas, chilli, and beans.
It seems unprecedented times make way
for unprecedented measures,

like Christmas dinners at Hallowe’en,
and strawberry ice cream for lunch.
Tonight, I’ll fill a plate with spuds soaked
in butter and gravy, and heaps of brussels sprouts.

These roast parsnips will leave a whisper
of honey, a small consolation for all
I have lost, my tongue dyed with wine
in this time of quarantine.

Saoirse Behan

Short Bio

Saoirse Behan lives in The Curragh, Co. Kildare. She is an avid reader of a diverse range of poets and authors and boasts a library of over 100 books. She is currently engrossed in the writings of Donegal poet Annemarie Ni Churreain. In 2019 Saoirse won the James Patterson Young Bookseller Special Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions to bookselling. Saoirse is in her second year of college and taking a Creative Writing course in Carlow College, St. Patrick’s. Her first published work will be dedicated to her cat, Luna, and the other love of her life, coffee.


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