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‘Quarantine’ by Sarah Molloy



Beginning each week,

we spend in quarantine,

is a family day out to the shops,

equipped with masks, hand sanitizer,

and our wits.

Two-meter distance from everyone.

For Aldi, Dunnes Stores and Tesco we que,

stocking up on milk, bread, and biccies-

the essentials to get us through.

Sneaking in the odd Wispa and Taytos on the sly,

until my mother catches me and gives me the eye.


Beginning each day

we spend in quarantine, each one the same,

I enter the kitchen blinded by sunlight,

my daily reminder of hope. I sit

with my hot bowl of cornflakes on my lap,

thinking of tomorrow’s pancakes,

smuttered in Nutella and juicy strawberries.

Food always on my mind, my comfort for these unknown times.

My only exercise, a short stroll

to the fridge door, open and closed about a hundred times.

This might do something for my biceps,

I like to tell myself.


Beginning each evening,

we spend in quarantine, we sit at the table as a family,

constant worry and thoughts

for my brothers away from home.

Still, that doesn’t stop me

lashing into my favourite meals; lasagne,

an Indian curry, the Sunday roast.

What I miss the most, my nights out

with the girls, Emma, Naoisé and Caitlin.

But I can be glad for my parents, my health,

and a bit of Facetime to help me unwind.

Those biccies and a cup of tea – sometimes

green to try keep lean.


Sarah Molloy

Short Bio

My name is Sarah Molloy, I am currently studying in my second year of the Bachelor of Arts and Humanities in Carlow College/St Patrick’s and I have taken the Creative Writing Introduction to Poetry module. This has inspired my thought process through the tough time we are in during the Covid-19 pandemic and allowed me to express my thoughts and feelings on paper. My love of poetry has grown immensely and so has my own skill with the writing of poetry.


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