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‘Quarantina’ by Alan O’Dwyer



In this time of quarantine

I love to loaf and leaf

through my new library book:


Lockdown Dinners for Beginners,

the only way forward

for a claustrophobic foodie.


Be it Clonakilty hairy bacon, cabbage and mash,

a battered chicken Kiev, mushrooms and chips,

or sizzling Peking duck and crispy roast potatoes.


I share it with Bob, the wee robin

peering in from the window sill,

his steely eye and spindly legs.


In this time of quarantine

I am getting better at cocooning,

more accustomed to the memory lapses


that come with the lack of routine.

Yesterday, I thought today was tomorrow.

Time has lost its hold on me


now that I’m not going anywhere,

or coming back from somewhere.

In this time of quarantine.

Alan O’Dwyer

Short Bio

Alan O’Dwyer has been living in Carlow since 1999. He has been a publican, an insurance salesman, and a counsellor.


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