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‘My Thoughts Today’ by Celia Murphy


My Thoughts Today

Today is different,

life has changed.

The birds are singing louder.

There are no cars passing.

The school yards are silent.

A world of no hugs.

A world of no touch.

To me it’s lonely;

today is hard,

I miss my family.

My little grandchildren,

their beautiful smiles.

The love they have to give and share.

This is a time

we will never forget.

It is tasteless, odourless.

Life without salt,

or sauce.

We will celebrate again.

Until then, let us share

all the love within our hearts.


Celia Murphy

Short Bio

Celia Murphy has had a lifelong interest in the arts. She has studied English, Creative Writing, and Advanced Poetry part-time at Carlow College/St Patrick’s. She is a member of The Writers’ Room at Carlow College/St Patrick’s too. Her passions in life is writing and travelling. Italy is a favourite of hers. She loves spending time with family and eating nice food together. Celia lives in Hacketstown, Carlow, surrounded by the Wicklow Mountains, where she can often be found on a Sunday trek.


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