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‘My Original’ by Rachel Dooley


My Original

Dots of paint is all that’s left,
and under this pealing
your delicate and weak frame –
you cannot sing but I can.


Only three of six strings,
lines of curling dirt,
layered and loose –
you cannot sing but I can.


One claw print, and a battered bruise, 
splatter the splintered board and bridge,
wood shines no more –
you cannot sing but I can.


Although you’re old, beat and tucked away, 
when I take you out, you unlock my cage.
It’s just me and you
and I will sing for you.


Rachel Dooley

Short Bio

Rachel Dooley is a second year Humanities student at Carlow College, St Patrick’s, at which she has enjoyed Creative Writing: An Introduction to Poetry. She enjoys the paintings of Francis Bacon.


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