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‘Locked Down, Again’ by Anne Marie Dunne


Locked Down, Again

I’m feckin’ sick

of this Covid.

Now –

don’t get me wrong.

I believe

in its virulence,

heart sore for the victims.


I have

no tinfoil hat,

nor rant on FB on 5G.

I don’t retweet

from the likes

of Trump or G.O.D.


I try

to be a good citizen;

wear my mask,

don’t mingle,

stay more or less

at my distance.




I miss

hiking Mount Leinster,

the Blackstairs and Blackrock.

Wild winds and ravens,

cheese sambos on summits.


I want

weekends away.

I miss Mizzen and Malin.

Creamy pints in the daytime,

meals I don’t cook.

Rambles around raths,

finding old holy wells.




I really

am grateful

for my home and my health.

I try to be mindful

and walk and do yoga.

I keep up with college

and try to write poems.


I won’t

clap the nurses.

I think it better to pay them.

I’m allergic to Zoom

I’d rather defrost my fridge.

I turn down

the death drone

of numbers

on the news.


I can

assure you,

there’s nothing cute

about nursing home visits

through windows.

My mother feels foolish,

we’re both feckin’ freezing.

While she pines in her prison.




I yearn

for far places,

Koh Muc and Kerala.

Spicy hot curries

and strong local beer.

Sun on my bones,

skinny dips

in warm seas.


I know –

the problems

of privilege,

and others are worse.

I will stay close to home

and await a vaccine.




I dream

of dancing at EP

and anyone’s party.


Oh I’m

feckin’ sick of this Covid.

Ann Marie Dunne

Short Bio

Ann Marie Dunne lives in Castlemitchell, Athy. She is doing Creative Writing as part of her Humanities degree. She loves poetry and short stories, some of her favourite authors are Paula Meehan, Carol Ann Duffy, Alice Munro, and Kevin Barry. She enjoys hiking and boating and is frequently walked by her three dogs, Oscar, Mitchell, and Killer.


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