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‘April Fools’ by Doreen Kelly


April Fools

April Fools extends to reason:

no Sunday mass,

the bingo halls empty,

no public house

or shopping malls,

no cafes, restaurants,

or takeaways.

Yet, bellies will be filled.

Just as fun and family

will intertwine,

parents home-schooling

and with no homicide involved.

There will be carefree days

and memories made.

No April Fool.

A government decision,

their guidance respected.

This battlefield,

so unexpected.

Wealthy rich,

poverty stricken,


No hugs, no kisses,


Social distance

is our new norm,

from death bed

to new born.

Everywhere operates

with a skeleton staff.

The Rat Race no more.

Our bodies

are our temple.

Family and Friends

our haven.

Our cocooning,

our protection.

I expect a baby-boom.

We  have a full moon

to appreciate,

high in the clear skies.

No pollution,

a simple solution,

an enemy slain,

society prevails.

Doreen Cranny Kelly

Short Bio

Doreen Cranny Kelly is delighted to see her first book ‘Post-Trauma’ published by Austin McCauley Publishers on sale in time for Christmas 2020. Doreen lives with her husband Mick and their foster child in Tullow, Co. Carlow. She has three grown up children, and her two daughters live nearby with their families. Her son lives on Dublin with his fiancé.


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