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‘A Close Look at Lockdown’ by Kevin Kenny


A Close Look at Lockdown

The traffic has died down,

Fuel is more affordable, our cars suffering less

wear and tear. Kids are at home

with their families, parents finding their offices


at the kitchen table, the box room, the shed.

The quick fix of fast food – chicken sweet and sour,

burger and chips – replaced by a homemade dinners;

banana bread, flapjacks, cookies.


Once you’ve got the baking bug you won’t stop!

The hectic schedule of the morning and evening

commute, a half-hour sambo break for lunch

sitting at the office desk, up at 5 a.m.


replaced by a lie-in til 8.00, a mid-day nap,

the evening snooze. The dogs and cats

had it right all along – this is the way to live!

The world has gone quiet, new issues arising.


The air we breathe is purer.

The thought of clean water for dolphins,

the hygiene and health of trees,

are now part of the conscious mind.


Money never made the world go round.

We have become trained agoraphobics as

nurses, receptionists, hospital porters,

finally get their praise; footballers


and celebs, singers take a back seat.

Life is not some reality tv show.

The U.S. President is finally redundant.

Some good might come of this mess.

Kevin Kenny     

Short Bio

Hello my name is Kevin Kenny I’m a second year student in Carlow College. ‘Poetry’ with Dr Derek Coyle is one of my chosen modules. I have learnt a lot from Derek and always try to express my thoughts and feelings within my work. I hope you enjoy!


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