Places Available - Applications have now closed for 2017

We currently have a number of openings under the CAO Available Places facility:



Available places are open to anyone wishing to study with us.  Watch a short video about the available places process. Applications may be made to the CAO by both new applicants and those currently registered with the CAO.


We are here to answer your questions about both the courses available and the application process.


The CAO Available Place facility is operated on a weekly schedule of applications, offers and acceptances. Applications that arrive in CAO before 11:00 on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers on the following Thursday. An offer posted on a Thursday will be available to view on the CAO website the following day.

If you are currently registered with CAO (i.e., you have a CAO Application Number beginning with '17'), you may make an available place application on-line without payment of a further fee.  If you are not currently registered with CAO you may make an available place application on payment of a €40 fee.