Year 1


  • Philosophy I (Ancient & Medieval)
  • Theology I (Introduction to Theology)
  • English I (Introduction to Literary Forms)
  • History I (Re-Imagining Ireland to 1500)


  • English II (Introduction to Modern Irish Writing)
  • Introduction to Psychology & Research Methods
  • General Ethics 
  • Theology II (Introduction to Biblical Studies)
  • Creative Writing
  • History II (Europe to 1500)


Module Descriptor

Year 2


  • English I (Medieval to Renaissance Literature)
  • English II (The Birth of Narratives)
  • History I (Re-Imagining Ireland 1500 – 2000)
  • History II (Europe: 1500 – 2000)
  • Christology
  • Church & Sacraments
  • Philosophy II (Modern & Contemporary)
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Drama & Performance
  • Social Ethics
  • Prophets & Synoptics
  • Introduction to Journalism 
Module Descriptor

Year 3


  • English I (Romanticism & the Gothic)
  • English II (19th Century Literature: The Victorians)
  • Irish Studies (19th Century Ireland & Literature of the Troubles)
  • Existentialist Literature 
  • History I (History Project)
  • History II (Revolutions in the Transatlantic World, 1715 – 1815)
  • History III (Women and the Church in Medieval and Early Modern Europe)
  • Philosophy of Religion & World Religions
  • Religion, Conflict & Peace
  • Religious Education & Placement
  • Political Philosophy (secular belief systems)
  • Social Psychology
  • History of Feminist Political Thought
  • Communications
Module Descriptor



  • Seminar & Dissertation


  • English I (Modernism to Postmodernism) 
  • English II (World Literatures) 
  • Irish Studies II (Anglo-Irish Revival & Gender & Society in 20th Century Ireland) 
  • History I (Ireland in the Age of Revolution 1891 - 1923) 
  • History II (Nazi Germany, World War Two & the European Jews) 
  • Triune God 
  • Scripture (Pauline & Johannine) 
  • Catechetics & Placement 
  • Abnormal Psychology 
  • Philosophy (Critical Theory) 
  • Philosophy (Humans & Other Animals) 
  • Media Studies 
  • Philosophical & Psychological Approaches to Drama 
  • Philosophy & Psychoanalytic Theory

Module Descriptor

Course Information

Programme Code: PC410

Duration: 4 Years

Level: 8


What students of the Humanities Programme had to say...

A unique, warm and inspiring learning environment. The college is a supportive, cooperative community and my experience of studying here has encouraged me to pursue my studies to postgraduate level.

Eva Burke Humanities class of '14, pursuing an MA at TCD

Carlow College is more than academic development. Carlow College is lecturer support, lifelong friendships, education with the perks of college life and a platform to become the best version of you.

Jillian Bannon 4th year Humanities studen

Studying at Carlow College was especially satisfying insofar as my lecturers nurtured my learning with a genuine commitment, and generosity; teaching me to think critically and clearly.

Steve Cullen Humanities class of '14, pursuing MA at UCD

Carlow College is a place where not only do you achieve an outstanding education but it also allows for the creation of friendships that will last a lifetime.

Elaine Gibson 4th year Humanities student