Carlow College is proud to host the 2018 Carlow Arts Festival

By Carlow College on 5/28/2018

Carlow Arts Festival is the first big Cultural event of Summer 2018. 
This year's festival is another celebration of the many extraordinary riches the arts has to offer from national and international artists. The Festival HQ returns to Carlow College, St. Patrick’s again this year, where audiences can immerse themselves in artistic adventures over the week-long festival.  

Carlow Arts Festival marks a special time in the town’s annual calendar, providing an opportunity for everyone to experience something out of the ordinary, soak up the celebratory atmosphere and be part of the thrill of knowing that in the hands of exceptional artists anything is possible.The idea of reaching out is at the centre of this years programme and the festival will present some of the most exciting and innovative artists working nationally and internationally from as far afield as Canada to as close at hand as Carlow.


For the full programme of events visit Carlow Arts Festival

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Carlow Arts Festival
Carlow Arts Festival 2018
Carlow Festival 2018
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