Human Resources

Carlow College, St. Patrick’s is an equal opportunities employer who are committed to providing equality and 

opportunity to all. The College is dedicated to promoting fairness, following good practice recommendations and 

codes of best practice, thus ensuring fair opportunities across all other roles.

Carlow College, St. Patrick’s is a small third level College specialising in degree level education in the Arts, 

Humanities and Social Care areas.  The College has a rich tradition of education since its establishment in 1782. 

Its historic campus close to the centre of town offers an ideal learning environment. The College has a strong 

reputation for the quality of its education, based on small class sizes, an engaging and research active faculty, 

with strong academic supports for students.  Currently it delivers degree programmes involving the disciplines 

and fields of English Literature, History, Philosophy, Theology, Psychology, Social Care and Social Studies, and 

Citizenship and Community Studies. At postgraduate level, a professionalising Masters is offered in 

Therapeutic Child care. 

The Human Resources Office at Carlow College is responsible for key areas such as recruitment and selection,

promotion, employee relations, employee engagement, resources and succession planning, development 

and implementation of policies and procedures including an array of additional HR strategic and operational 


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Closed Opportunities

Lecturer, Theology

Lecturer, Creative Studies

Lecturer, Psychology

School Liaison Assistant

Marketing Manager

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Martina Tuohy 

Human Resources 

Phone: +353 59 9153293

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